Picture Twin Soul magic & Soul energy transfer

Twin Soul magic & Soul energy transfer

Twin Soul magic & Soul energy transferDear Ascension Pioneers! Many individuals still don’t understand that the Twin Soul reunion is about magic and synchronicity within Spirit guidance. Because they don’t yet understand how the Soul energy is being transferred, they oftentimes confuse someone they meet for their ultimate Beloved … one who is their Twin Soul in actual physical embodiment. Why does this happen? To understand this, we need to understand the nature of a Twin Soul. Yes, Twin Soul is just one, and the Beloveds are the two within One Soul Essence. They are always connected at this root level, and that is why they are always in direct contact with one another, as they are one both of one Soul. If this one Soul Essence will incarnate into two bodies (usually for the purpose of service to Creation), they will still always remain connected through that same root. So the more one is connected to their Soul Essence, the more they are also connected to their Beloved … their Divine counterpart. When the two are